94twenty is excited to announce they’ve aligned with SourceAudio to bring members’ an unprecedented licensing opportunity!

SourceAudio is the most widely adopted B2B music hosting, delivery, licensing, and monitoring platform in the world – Effective in May 2020, 94twenty will launch a full-service licensing site on SourceAudio’s Podcastmusic.com portal.

As you’ve likely noticed, the podcasting industry is experiencing explosive growth. There are currently over 900,000 podcasts in the marketplace. A highly targetable segment of the industry will generate $600+ million in ad revenue in 2020. You may also know, to date, there hasn’t been an effective licensing proposition for podcasters to feature your work in their podcasts . . .


SourceAudio/Podcastmusic.com is currently in use by some of the largest radio broadcasters, including iHeartMedia, Entercom, and NPR, all of whom have significant podcast programs and have expressed a strong interest in licensing YOUR TRACKS.

The 94twenty/Podcastmusic.com collaboration is a ‘’first of its kind”, turn-key music licensing engine for podcasting and this email is your exclusive invite to join our branded licensing site.

Here are some of the site’s innovative rightsholder/supplier-side capabilities. Flexible, customizable, multiple access models (such as monthly blanket subscriptions; single track/single episode license; single Track/all episodes License or ‘buyout’ offerings) Our initial offering is a single track/single episode license.

The SMART™️ license for podcasts bundles master use, sync, mechanical, and the direct performance license in one transaction watermarked tracks using state-of-the-art inaudible tech, providing licensors real-time market performance data & analytics.

Unique, targeted marketing strategies: Podcastmusic.com has pioneered strategic partnerships with podcast hosting services – the partnerships provide licensors unique market insights, access, engagement, and analytics to the industry’s most successful podcasts.

Hassle-free admin. SourceAudio facilitates transactions & royalty distribution.

Please click here, sign and submit podcast music licensing agreement.