May 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 90

Featured Artist - Merlin - In this episode of the podcast, we mourn the end of the iPod. Carl's new feature 'From the Bakery'. And new music term of the week . . . genre-bending. Our featured artist is Merlin and she answered our "Questions of the Week". Make sure

94twenty podcast – Episode 89

Featured Artist - Bailey James - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Carl's crush this week. Who we've deemed our unofficial sponsor after 2 years of doing this podcast. And the continuation of what we believe is 'correct' musical terminology. Our featured artist is Bailey James and

April 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 88

Featured Artist - Spirits Republic - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the differences between licks, riffs, chord progressions, and phrases. We promise it's a great episode! Featuring the alt-experi-funk-a-delia Nashville band, Spirits Republic. They even ALL answer our "Questions of the Week." Make sure you subscribe

94twenty podcast – Episode 87

Featured Artist - Sam Gyllenhaal Band - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the recent letters to Spotify from Congress, Carl's thoughts on music styles, and more discussion around music discovery today. Our featured artist is the Sam Gyllenhaal Band and they also answer our "Questions of

94twenty podcast – Episode 86

Featured Artist - Cory Singer - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about what it means to '86' something, the difference between playing an actual piano as opposed to a keyboard, and the ongoing dilemma concerning the internet and music discovery. Our featured artist this week is Cory

94twenty podcast – Episode 85

Featured Artist - Kenny Hada and the Others - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how none of us watched the Grammys We debate if we are a music business podcast, and what exactly is psychedelic music? Our featured artist this week is the band Kenny Hada

March 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 84

Featured Artist - Raleigh Keegan - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about our thoughts on what Oscar category we think needs to be revised, the sad passing of Taylor Hawkins, and why Carl thinks there is too much pride in the world. Our featured artist, Raleigh Keegan,

94twenty podcast – Episode 83

Featured Artist - Sarah McCulloch - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss some positive feedback we received about our podcast. And how there really is no one right way to do things in the music industry. Also how it's ok to rewrite your songs, even over time. Our

94twenty podcast – Episode 82

Featured Artist - Hippies and Cowboys - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the ACM's, Greg's anti-vacation, and why we're trying to get Invisalign to notice our podcast. We start off with a blast from the past with a tune by Carl and the Passion. Our main

94twenty podcast – Episode 81

Featured Artist - Emily Gabriele - In the episode of the podcast, we talk about why established artists have been selling their catalogs. Also, we discuss the human psyche and if it inhibits us from music discovery. And why playing in Nashville means people will actually listen. Our featured artist

February 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 80

Featured Artists - Brontë Fall/Charlie Dog/Maybe April - In this episode of the podcast, we celebrate our 80th episode by featuring some past artists we haven't heard in a while. We also talk about what "earth shattering" (or not) concerts we've attended. Also, is live music really worth it? And

94twenty podcast – Episode 79

Featured Artist - Fior - In the episode, we talk about the future of streaming, how persuasion can affect your fame and success, and who is Chris Gaines. We open the podcast with a track from one of our favorite artists, Ethan Gold. Our featured artist is Fior, a Lakeside

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