April 2024

94twenty podcast – Episode 171

Featured Artist - AJ Raggs - In this episode, we explore the concept of inauthentic artists and delve into Carl's perspective on their lack of originality. We also highlight the issue of excessive album streaming. Additionally, we discuss Taylor Swift's latest album and the ongoing evolution of music discovery, which

94twenty podcast – Episode 170

Featured Artist - DOSORO - In this episode, we talk about the legacies of rock legends, scrutinize the legitimacy of award shows, and deliver a scorching critique of a recent Saturday Night Live episode. Greg introduces an intriguing documentary recommendation, "The Gilligan Manifesto," while we delve into the news of

March 2024

94twenty podcast – Episode 169

Featured Artist - Japan Guitar Shop - In this episode, we discuss the future of AI in music, our frustration with the payouts to artists by streaming services like Spotify, and lament the decline of human connection and interaction. Our featured artist is Japan Guitar Shop, and they provided their

94twenty podcast – Episode 168

Featured Artist - Alex Michael Jones - In this episode, we pay tribute to the late singer Eric Carmen and reminisce about the era of bubblegum pop. We engage in a lively discussion about the merits of various musical genres, debating whether contemporary music stands up to the classics. Carl

94twenty podcast – Episode 167

Featured Artist - Shelby Lynn Madison - In this episode, we extend warm birthday wishes to the Void (that would be Greg). Additionally, we discuss the nuances of sound quality, emphasizing the significance of a well-crafted mix. We explore the importance for indie music artists to connect with their audience

94twenty podcast – Episode 166

Featured Artist - Microplanet - In this episode, we continue the trend with insightful discussions about the music industry! We delve into recent events such as the sale of catalogs by a few artists, UMG's decision to "re-design" their corporate structure, and their ongoing challenges with TikTok. Our featured artist

February 2024

94twenty podcast – Episode 165

Featured Artist - Megan Knight - Delve deep into the heart of the music world with this electrifying episode! We're delving into the latest happenings in the music industry, including an in-depth look at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and our exclusive analysis of Beyoncé's latest chart-topping single. But that's

94twenty podcast – Episode 164

Featured Artist - Taylor Hall - In this episode, we delve even deeper into the music industry, covering topics ranging from UMG's withdrawal of its music from TikTok to the Grammy Awards, and the recent passing of Toby Keith. This week, we fully embrace our identity as a music podcast!

January 2024

94twenty podcast – Episode 163

Featured Artist - Casey Sana - In this episode, we actually talk about music! From the passing of Melanie to Elle King's Opry performance. Also, we give our thoughts on a new streaming company, it's definitely more of an "on-brand" episode for us! Our featured artist is Casey Sana and

94twenty podcast – Episode 162

Featured Artist: Brooke Surrett - In this episode, we talk about the new ELVIS Act, the amount of streams that were played in 2023, and Carl discovers what 'Glitter Bombs' are. Our featured artist is Brooke Surrett and she answered our "Questions of the Week". Make sure to subscribe so

94twenty podcast – Episode 161

Featured Artist - Orlando Mendez - In this episode, we talk about numerology and what the year holds for us. We also discuss more about Taylor Swift and her Era's Tour movie (which Nicole did watch), and what Greg feels she is doing right - in terms of keeping her

December 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 160

Featured Artist - Elaine Eagle - In this episode, it's our annual "Holiday Bowling Party"! Enjoy the ramblings of Carl, Greg, and Nicole as they talk about Christmas memories and some of our favorite podcast episodes from this year. They also got asked a question by our featured artist, Elaine

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