August 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 100

Featuring - Nicole, Greg & Carl - In our 100th episode of the 94twenty podcast, we take a trip down memory lane and highlight episodes that impacted this journey. There is no featured artist this week, but we had some of our listeners answer our "Question of the Week?" Make

July 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 99

Featured Artist - Jessie Haines - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how 'old' music is killing 'new' music? That New Wave is 40 years old! And find out why Greg's year was made with something our featured artist said. Also, we start off the podcast with a

94twenty podcast – Episode 98

Featured Artist - Chlsy - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about late 80s ultra pop music (thanks to our awesome artist this week!). Also, what constitutes an icon, and who is a legend or legendary? Our featured artist is Chlsy and she even answers our "Questions of

94twenty podcast – Episode 97

Featured Artist - Olivia DaPonte - In this episode, we talk about why Elvis would make it as a pop star today. Also, why aren't some music show contestants more successful. And the reason music venues can't survive in NYC anymore. Our featured artist is Olivia DaPonte and she also

June 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 96

Featured Artist - Kel Adore - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about nostalgia for the bar scene from "back in the day." Carl's new man crush on Harry Styles, and what our thoughts are on band reunions. Our featured artist is Kel Adore, and she answers our

94twenty podcast – Episode 95

Featured Artist - Blaine Holcomb - In this podcast episode, we ask, "What happened to lead guitar solos in pop songs?" Also, we talk about the quintessential Nashville songwriting style and its influence on 90's country music. Our featured artist is Blaine Holcomb, who also answers our "Questions of the

94twenty podcast – Episode 94

Featured Artist - J.D. Danner - In this episode of the podcast, we give our opinions about the iconic Bluebird Cafe. Why we love music so much. Festivals that are happening. And another of Carl's segment of "This Day in Rock". Our featured artist is J.D. Danner and she also

94twenty podcast – Episode 93

Featured Artist - Halle Kearns - In this episode, we ask the question, "Are rock stars allowed to get old?" And, is it 'cool' for a seasoned artist to do a Vegas residency? Our featured artist is Halle Kearns and she also answers our "Questions of the Week". Make sure

94twenty podcast – Episode 92

Featured Artist - Ali Angel - In this episode of the podcast, we mention that Pink Floyd joined TikTok!? Also, we talk a little bit about Andy Warhol. Plus, this week's Don Kirshner Junior Junior's "this day in music history" segment. Our featured artist is Ali Angel and she also

May 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 91

Featured Artist - David Britto - In this episode of the podcast, we check out another one of Carl's old tracks from the 'bakery'. We discuss a new documentary that Greg found on Netflix. And we go international to feature a new artist from India. He is David Britto with

94twenty podcast – Episode 90

Featured Artist - Merlin - In this episode of the podcast, we mourn the end of the iPod. Carl's new feature 'From the Bakery'. And new music term of the week . . . genre-bending. Our featured artist is Merlin and she answered our "Questions of the Week". Make sure

94twenty podcast – Episode 89

Featured Artist - Bailey James - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Carl's crush this week. Who we've deemed our unofficial sponsor after 2 years of doing this podcast. And the continuation of what we believe is 'correct' musical terminology. Our featured artist is Bailey James and

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