June 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 138

Featured Artist - Swimwear Department - In this episode, we debut a new segment called "Carl's Observations". We also talk about the difference between mindfulness and mindlessness and our featured artist this week, Swimwear Department, has us all in stitches with their answers to our "Questions of the Week!" Remember

May 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 137

Featured Artist - Will Kruger - In this episode, we talk about the passing of Tina Turner. We also discuss Miley Cryus's stance on touring. And we take a stroll down memory lane on the concerts we have seen. Our featured artist is Will Kruger and he answers our "Questions

94twenty podcast – Episode 136

Featured Artist - Alex Allegra - In this episode, we debate the credibility of Dolly Parton's new rock album, AI duets, and the algorithms of streaming services. Our featured artist is Alex Allegra, who also answers our "Questions of the Week!" Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on

94twenty podcast – Episode 135

Featured Artist - Matt Hibbard - In this episode, we talk in-depth about the concept of how "music is free now". We go truly too deep into the enigma that is Taylor Swift! We also announced the opening act for the Wombat Zombies, The Boogaloo Bicycle Benders. Our featured artist

94twenty podcast – Episode 134

Feature Artist - Bella Raye - In this episode, we talk about the stamina of "aging" rock stars who still perform. We also get Greg's take on the David Johansen documentary "Personality Crisis: One Night Only" on Paramount Plus. And we do our best NOT to rant! Our featured artist

April 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 133

Featured Artist - Mia Morris - In this episode, we discuss a few pet peeves, beefs and rants, and contemplate the difference between them. Also, why AI is not great for the music industry or artists. Our featured artist is Mia Morris and she answers our "Questions of the Week!"

94twenty podcast – Episode 132

Featured Artist - Dane Louis - In this episode, we continue our American Idol conversations and the talent Carl witnessed this week. We also discuss a new-to-us artist Lewis Capaldi, and ask the question "Is Greg a trendsetter in music?" Our featured artist is Dane Louis and he answers are

94twenty podcast – Episode 131

Featured Artist - Stacey Kelleher - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about why singing competitions are no longer a way for artists to scale their audiences. We also discuss the downfall of celebrity status because of social media. And, what it means when someone says "the mic

March 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 130

Featured Artist - Lindsey - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the new 'Bono & the Edge' documentary on Disney+. We also define what Yacht Rock actually is. And why our social feeds are all about Taylor Swift this week. Our featured artist of the week is

94twenty podcast – Episode 129

Featured Artist - Kaitie Wade - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how vinyl's making a comeback for the younger generation. Also, we discuss the series 'Daisy Jones and the Six' on Prime. And, what the 'A' in AM radio stands for! Our featured artist is Kaitie

94twenty podcast – Episode 128

Featured Artist - Brittany Jean - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss signs of the Zodiac! Ask "was John Denver underrated?" And why the latest news from Meta could be the downfall of how independent artists can be found on social media. Our featured artist of the week

February 2023

94twenty podcast – Episode 127

Featured Artist - Ally Cribb - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss P!NK's new album. Also, why many British artists don't have accents when they sing? And, how far education in the music business has come. Our featured artist is Ally Cribb and she answers our "Questions of

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