September 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 58

Featured artists: Maybe April - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how Greg missed his calling to date a famous actress. Why it is hard to date other artists within the music industry. Our featured artist this week is the amazing duo, Maybe April, who also answer

August 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 57

Featured Artists: Ethan Gold, Paul Loren, & Yearlove - In the episode of the podcast, we take a trip down memory lane! Carl talks about his dive into his old cassette tapes . . . and has a 'revelation' on how he now sees that younger artists often create music

94twenty podcast – Episode 56

Featured Artist: daena - In this episode, we talk about our online 'footprint' and how the older generation is getting lost. We also talk about the importance of how the right beat and tempo can make or break a song. Also, what does the term 'indie' actually mean? And we

94twenty podcast – Episode 55

Featured Artist: Maddy Hicks - In this episode, we recap Greg and Nicole's attendance at the Podcast Movement conference. We also talk about what music artists should concentrate on when it comes to social media "data". Our featured artist is Maddy Hicks and we really loved getting to know her

94twenty podcast – Episode 54

Featured artist: Heather Batchelor - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss Carl's enlightened new outlook on not making snap judgments about music and how the documentary 'Watch The Sound' with Mark Ronson led to this transformation. We also continue our discussion on "deep fake" and Carl has a

July 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 53

Featured artist: RV! - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the possibility of older artists making comebacks due to the increasing capabilities of 'deep fake' technology. We also have some 'new rules' from Carl. Our featured artist is a newly formed indie band called RV!, composed of

94twenty podcast – Episode 52

Featured artist: The Young Fables - In this episode, we mix things up a bit! We feature the music of up-and-coming music duo The Young Fables and open the podcast with a live interview segment! We also discuss our thoughts on what it takes to be a music artist; and

94twenty podcast – Episode 51

Featured artist: Sarah Martin - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how certain memories affect what type of music we want to hear during different times of the year.  Also, tonight Carl also has a new rule, so make sure you listen all the way through to hear

94twenty podcast – Episode 50

Featured artist: Chloe Hennessee - In the episode of the podcast, we are celebrating our 50th episode! We talk about what does being 'famous' actually means in this day and age? And, are there different degrees of fame? We also discuss how you can grow your following on social media

June 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 49

Featured artist: J.M Clifford - In this episode of the podcast, we talk all about the "It" factor in the music industry and why you either have it or you don't. Our featured artist J.M Clifford just released his latest single on June 25th! Make sure you subscribe on the

94twenty podcast – Episode 48

Featured artists: Carolena, Bridget Rian and Carrie Welling - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how sometimes a song needs to be sung by the person who wrote it. Also, is 'podcast' the right term for what we are doing? And how obscure 'styles' of music are

94twenty podcast – Episode 47

Featured artist: Carl and the Passion - In this episode, we talk about how music from "back in the day" can have a new life! As long as the music is quality and it matches the mood of the project, any song from any era can land a sync deal.

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