A journey through the music we love (and the business we tolerate).

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Welcome to the 94twenty Podcast

94twenty . . . the podcast you never knew you wanted. Join us each week as the girl, some guy, and the other guy dive into the music we love and the business we tolerate. Click here to subscribe.

What you can expect . . . Weekly episodes that will dive into the music industry . . . what we know, what we love, what we tolerate and more. New artists featured weekly and discussions around what we think their songs could be about. Weekly discussions around current events; rants, tangents, and conversations gone sideways . . . but always entertaining.

What we won’t be doing . . . Going over the same things and artists that are in the mainstream media. Sugarcoating our thoughts and opinions on what’s going on in this ever-changing music industry. Promoting just any old artist. We value artists who have the talent, grit, and determination to make things happen.