October 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 111

Featured Artist - Natalia Taylar - In this episode of the podcast, we ask: is Ed Sheeran actually THAT good? Greg calls Nicole out for referring to records as "Vinyls". And we discuss if Beethoven created the modern-day album sequence. Our featured artist is Natalia Taylar and she also answers

94twenty podcast – Episode 110

Featured Artist: The Comancheros - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about music archetypes. Also, Taylor Swift's latest album and the hopes it will help bring back a resurgence of an album release being an event. Our featured artist this week is The Comancheros and they answer our

94twenty podcast – Episode 109

Featured Artist - Angela Predhomme - In this episode, we talk about the impact Loretta Lynn had on country music. And how geographical regions within the music industry have certain sounds. Our featured artist is Angela Predhomme, and she also answers our "Questions of the Week?" Make sure to subscribe

September 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 108

Featured Artists - Gabrielle Metz - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the joy of mixtapes, and if there is a "perfect" album. Our featured artist is Gabrielle Metz, and she answers our "Questions of the Week!" Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on

94twenty podcast – Episode 107

Featured Artist - Chris Day - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about fan phases. Carl and Greg get into a spat over the number "10". And we contemplate if we should retire one of our questions. Our featured artist of the week is Chris Day and he

94twenty podcast – Episode 106

Featured Artist - Mark Lesseraux - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the lost art of buying and listening to music the way we did "back in the day". Also, the resurgence of Creem Magazine. And our thoughts on music artist development today. Our featured artist is Mark

94twenty podcast – Episode 105

Featured Artist - Madison Station - In this episode of the podcast, we 'critique' the new Elvis movie. Also, why some aging rockstars may not have the self-awareness to know when to call it quits. And what Kobalt's new partnership could mean. Our featured artist is Madison Station and they

94twenty podcast – Episode 104

Featured Artist - Ben Tyler - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the AI controversy in music. And why music catalogs from "back in the day" are a hot commodity these days. Also, fascinating information on pianos, and so much more! Our featured artist is Ben Tyler

August 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 103

Featured Artist - Leah Lawson - In this episode of the podcast, the final verdict is in from Carl on the show 'Nashville'. Greg speaks on his expertise when it comes to music licensing . . . and then we go completely off the rails! Our featured artist is Leah

94twenty podcast – Episode 102

Featured Artist - Susan Hisey - In this podcast episode, we hear another one of Carl's songs from back in his 'Charlie Dog' days, with an added surprise for Greg that involves his daughter Kait! We also have a retraction (of sorts) from Carl to Nicole, that she gladly accepts

94twenty podcast – Episode 101

Featured Artist - Alan Williams - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Carl's newfound obsession with the show "Nashville". We also debate what Don McLean actually meant in his hit song "American Pie". And we talk about the algorithm and why Alan Williams, our featured artist, thinks

94twenty podcast – Episode 100

Featuring - Nicole, Greg & Carl - In our 100th episode of the 94twenty podcast, we take a trip down memory lane and highlight episodes that impacted this journey. There is no featured artist this week, but we had some of our listeners answer our "Question of the Week?" Make

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