February 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 78

Featured Artist - Sleep Nation - In this episode of the podcast, we continue our discussion around Neil Young's Spotify exit and the impact it has had so far. When was the 'sweet spot' of new music genres? And, Carl has some new rules! Our featured artist is the awesome

January 2022

94twenty podcast – Episode 77

Featured Artist - Mark Elliot - In the episode of the podcast, we talk about this week's news surrounding Neil Young and Spotify. Also, indicators that people may be wanting to "own" music again as opposed to just stream it. And Carl has not one but two new rules! Our

94twenty podcast – Episode 76

Featured Artist - Talon David - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss our thoughts on "bio-pics". Also, why it's ok to take a break. And Carl has a new rule! Our featured artist is Talon David and she also answered our "Questions of the Week". Make sure you

94twenty podcast – Episode 75

Featured Artist - Carter Brady - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about obscure 80's bands. And the difference in television shows from back in the day. Also, the passing of Ronnie Spector. Our featured artist is Carter Brady and he also answers our "Questions of the Week."

94twenty podcast – Episode 74

Featured Artist - John Beltzer - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about music artists who are selling their catalogs for millions of dollars. Our thoughts on when aging artists 'maybe' should stop performing. We also have a rare LIVE guest this week, John Beltzer, founder of the

December 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 73

Featured Artists - Charlie Dog, Maddy Hicks, Nik De - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about what we did this year during the holidays, We hear Greg's Christmas dog story, and go down memory lane and play some great music that we've featured throughout 2021. Also, we

94twenty podcast – Episode 72

Featured Artists - Mozart Gabriel & Stacey Kelleher - In this episode of the podcast, we have our annual BOWLING party! Get ready for some great stories, music and our wishes for the new year! Our featured artists are Mozart Gabriel and Stacey Kelleher with Stacey answering our "Questions of

94twenty podcast – Episode 71

Featured Artist – Lizzie Cates & Danielle Cormier – In this episode of the podcast, we talk about holiday gatherings, our thoughts on revivals of old movie musicals and technology. Our featured artists are Lizzie Cates and Danielle Cormier with Danielle answering our Holiday "Questions of the Week." Make sure

94twenty podcast – Episode 70

Featured Artist - Victor Anthony & Paul Loren - In this episode of the podcast, we have a 're-Beatle' rebuttal and continue the conversation around the Disney+ Beatles ‘Get Back’ documentary. We also talk about holiday music and feature some great holiday tunes. Featured artists are Greg Riggle (yes that

94twenty podcast – Episode 69

Featured Artist - Katie King - In this episode of the podcast, we are celebrating 'Festivus' a little early, as Carl gives his very detailed and honest thoughts on the new Disney+ Beatles 'Get Back' documentary. We also talk about why being in a band can help the creative process.

November 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 68

Featured Artist - Steffi Jeraldo - In this episode of the podcast, we ponder how singing came to be. Also, what is strawberry pretzel salad? We also talk about what we are thankful for this year! Our featured artist of the week is Steffi Jeraldo, who she answers our “Questions

94twenty podcast – Episode 67

Featured Artist - Brontë Fall - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Taylor Swift's new re-recorded version of 'Red', and why it is important for music artists to pay attention to. Also, we contemplate why we are nostalgic, and is it really a good thing? Our featured

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