January 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 32

In this episode, we talk all around the topic of record labels! Are they needed? Are artists even pursuing them? And the difference between then and now on the path artists careers are taking! We have a new segment called "Carl's Rules", a sarcastic, light-hearted, untrue guide for music success!

94twenty podcast – Episode 31

In this episode, we talk about what to do when people make an impact on the music industry but have a negative impact outside of it. Also, we discuss the future of music and an update to "Carl's Rules"! Our featured artist this week is the band Beyond Here. We

94twenty podcast – Episode 30

In this episode, we talk about our feelings on "demo-ing" songs, analog vs. digital production values, and our favorite music memories from live concerts. Our featured artist this week is Adam Calvert and our Question Of The Week was answered by daena, Etan Moses and Jack Randle. Make sure you

94twenty podcast – Episode 29

In this episode of the podcast we talk about if we made new year's resolutions, why scarcity needs to come back when it comes to music and how self-doubt can propel you forward in your music career . . . if you know how to get past it. We still

December 2020

94twenty podcast – Episode 28

In this episode of the 94twenty podcast, we are having our very own Holiday Bowling Party! (for reference as to why . . . listen back to episode 23). We talk about our "love" of bowling, what we are doing/did for the holidays this year, Greg's stress over needing to

94twenty podcast – Episode 27

In this episode of the podcast we talk about our favorite Classic Christmas Movies, our Christmas Wishes for the year, and a shout out to a few people we have been missing this year due to COVID. Our featured music this week comes from PodcastMusic.com and Wes L'anglois. Our featured

94twenty podcast – Episode 26

In this episode, we talk all about why it is difficult to write a truly great original Christmas song. Also, the mind-blowing fact we learned about one of Carl's Christmas jobs back in the day (picture below), and our favorite "back in the day" Christmas Songs. Our featured artist is

94twenty podcast – Episode 25

In this episode, we talk all about 'gear', how everything sounds 'retro' today as Greg and Carl talk about how it's been a while since they've heard anything new and sonic released in the music landscape recently. Our featured artists this week are the duo Willow & Wood and Brian Elliot. No

November 2020

94twenty podcast – Episode 24

In this episode, we talk about our plans for Thanksgiving, why Upstate NY has a special place in all our hearts, what the heck is pretzel salad and why it is a cause of "consternation" for Greg... Speaking of, did you know that Clarksville TN is NOT the Clarksville that

94twenty podcast – Episode 23

In this episode, we talk about our Thanksgiving Day traditions, why it's hard to create a really good commercial Christmas song, and why Carl thinks that random days mean more than the holidays. Do you agree? Our featured artist is the band The Ivins. No questions this week, as we

94twenty podcast – Episode 22

In this episode, we talk about what makes a song commercial, what 'driveway' moments are meant to be and the power that music can have on you when crafted in a way that it can make you want to pull over while driving your car! Our featured artist is Carrie

October 2020

94twenty podcast – Episode 21

In this "Halloween" episode of the 94twenty podcast, we reminisce about what we did as kids for Halloween. We talk about our personal ghost encounters and utilize music to make our storytelling a bit more 'spooky'. The music from this episode was pulled from our partner's website, PodcastMusic.com. We encourage

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