April 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 41

Featured artist: HARIZ - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about expectations when it comes to helping music artists and how to set them up for success! Navigating this industry is so tough and we go into detail on what we think a boutique career for artists can

March 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 40

Featured artist: Becca Tremmel - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about today's role of the manager and how they can affect artists. How to manage your level of expectation when it comes to managers, and how an inexperienced one can hold you back. Also, Aristo Media artist

94twenty podcast – Episode 39

Featured artist: Charlie Dog - In this episode, we talk about how music can really have an impact on us when we are feeling down. We also discuss why some artists get typecast. And how artists, who want to make a change, can involve their fanbase to change and evolve

94twenty podcast – Episode 38

Featured artist: Gabrielle Grace - In this episode, we talk about the Grammy Awards (music's biggest night . . or not?). Also, how songwriting is changing right before our eyes. And why getting off the internet and living life can have a huge impact on the music being distributed. No

94twenty podcast – Episode 37

Featured artists: Bridget Rian and Don Pedigo - In this episode of the podcast, we "sing" Happy Birthday to our awesome co-host Greg! We also talk about how SoundCloud's restructuring the way they pay independent artists. And how we (the girl, the guy and the other guy) will be expanding

February 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 36

Featured artist: YEARLOVE - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss our thoughts on the topic of support for music artists and why it's important. We also hear from a few artists on their thoughts as well. Also, how cool it would be if the CD was brought back

94twenty podcast – Episode 35

Featured artist: Coia - In this episode of the 94twenty podcast, we talk about how music videos got started and if they are relevant today. We all agree they definitely changed the industry but are NOT what they used to be. We also discuss IF the idea of caravan shows,

94twenty podcast – Episode 34

Featured artists: The Belles and Nigel Passey - In this episode of the 94twenty podcast, we dive into the topic of self-awareness. Is it important for artists to have self-awareness? What does that mean to artists? We also talk about Phoebe Bridgers's appearance on SNL, which is how our topic

94twenty podcast – Episode 33

Featured artists: Dakota Danielle and Dave Herrera - In this episode, we talk about what success can look like for artists in today's music industry. We added another rule to "Carl's Rules".  And we go down the rabbit hole of the music industry and its apparent discovery problem. Our question

January 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 32

Featured artist: Shelby Lee Lowe - In this episode, we talk all around the topic of record labels! Are they needed? Are artists even pursuing them? And the difference between then and now on the path artists careers are taking! We have a new segment called "Carl's Rules", a sarcastic,

94twenty podcast – Episode 31

Featured artist: Beyond Here - In this episode, we talk about what to do when people make an impact on the music industry but have a negative impact outside of it. Also, we discuss the future of music and an update to "Carl's Rules"! We also had Christie Huff and

94twenty podcast – Episode 30

Featured artist: Adam Calvert - In this episode, we talk about our feelings on "demo-ing" songs, analog vs. digital production values, and our favorite music memories from live concerts. Our Question Of The Week was answered by daena, Etan Moses and Jack Randle. Make sure you subscribe on the digital

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