July 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 50

Featured artist: Chloe Hennessee - In the episode of the podcast, we are celebrating our 50th episode! We talk about what does being 'famous' actually means in this day and age? And, are there different degrees of fame? We also discuss how you can grow your following on social media

June 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 49

Featured artist: J.M Clifford - In this episode of the podcast, we talk all about the "It" factor in the music industry and why you either have it or you don't. Our featured artist J.M Clifford just released his latest single on June 25th! Make sure you subscribe on the

94twenty podcast – Episode 48

Featured artists: Carolena, Bridget Rian and Carrie Welling - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how sometimes a song needs to be sung by the person who wrote it. Also, is 'podcast' the right term for what we are doing? And how obscure 'styles' of music are

94twenty podcast – Episode 47

Featured artist: Carl and the Passion - In this episode, we talk about how music from "back in the day" can have a new life! As long as the music is quality and it matches the mood of the project, any song from any era can land a sync deal.

May 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 46

Featured artist: Ethan Gold - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how the music industry is starting to open back up since the start of COVID, and how it has changed how artists are making money (as we predicted back in older episodes). We also talk about

94twenty podcast – Episode 45

Featured artist: Rayne Johnson - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how terrestrial radio still has value for music artists looking to succeed in their music careers. We have a new "Carl's Rule" that's fairly ridiculous. And we also raise the question: When does an EP become an

94twenty podcast – Episode 44

Featured artist: Hadley Park - In the episode of the 94twenty podcast, we discuss how the discovery of music is changing and the power that podcasts combined with radio can have in promoting artists' careers. We also talk about what happens when artists go mainstream. And, is there truly a

April 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 43

Featured artist: Paul Loren - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss sync-licensing and our thoughts around what discovery should look like for music supervisors. How much we enjoy the style of music for this week's featured artist, and how there really is nothing more authentic than recording to

94twenty podcast – Episode 42

Featured artist: Logan Pilcher - In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how these days artists are able to do a lot of DIY. We're seeing a trend where many projects are using hi-tech equipment to create lo-fi results, which we find kinda' cool. Greg and Carl reminisce about

94twenty podcast – Episode 41

Featured artist: HARIZ - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about expectations when it comes to helping music artists and how to set them up for success! Navigating this industry is so tough and we go into detail on what we think a boutique career for artists can

March 2021

94twenty podcast – Episode 40

Featured artist: Becca Tremmel - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about today's role of the manager and how they can affect artists. How to manage your level of expectation when it comes to managers, and how an inexperienced one can hold you back. Also, Aristo Media artist

94twenty podcast – Episode 39

Featured artist: Charlie Dog - In this episode, we talk about how music can really have an impact on us when we are feeling down. We also discuss why some artists get typecast. And how artists, who want to make a change, can involve their fanbase to change and evolve

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