Featured Artist – Strawhouse
In this episode of the podcast, we hear a rare version of Carl’s song “World in Decline”. We all get excited for what we have deemed “Pretzel Salad Week”.  And we have a brand new segment that is Greg’s brainchild! Our featured artist is Strawhouse and they even answer our “Questions of the Week!”

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World In Decline (lyrics)
Drunken angels learn to swim while the matador does his serpent thing
and the tired old cowboy just rides off into the sun.
Armchair heroes clap their hands for the ballerinas as they take the stand
in defense of what they should have or could have done.
Big man buys the beer, dangles keys and his career.
Talks God from a pick-up truck, he loves to talk, he smokes too much,
but hey, everything’s just fine in a world in decline.

Cartoon saviors raise their fists
while their animators rub their worn-out wrists.
Then one by one they whisper in the hall.
Paparazzi point their guns on the self-appointed chosen ones
while the dreamer throws his vision to the dogs.
Small boy buys the fear, sells us hope like souvenirs.
Walks tall with a Midas crutch, he hates the things he loves to touch,
but hey, everything’s on time in a world in decline.

And if you wait for me, who waits for you,
‘cause I don’t climb when I’m this low.
You pray for me, I’ll pray for you,
‘cause I’m behind and I don’t know . . .

Politicians wave their flags while the unsuspecting grab their rags
to polish what is left of what was true.
Itsy, bitsy big machines make it easy for the dragon queens
while the allocators laugh at me and you, and you, and you.
Brave world, so sincere. Pave the way, what’s new this year.
All rise to the ways and means where dirty hands keep conscience clean,
but hey, everything’s online in a world . . .
and hey, everything’s on time in a world . . .
and hey, everything’s just fine in a world in decline.

words & music – Carl Allocco