Featured artists: Gabrielle Grace and Sam Riddle –

In this episode of the 94twenty podcast, we go deep y’all. Even Carl said it’s our “Dr. Phil” episode! We talk about how music can be therapy for times when people truly need something to cling to. Also, our thoughts on the difference between an artist sharing their music or simply performing it and its impact on their fans. There’s a lot of “unpack” in the episode, but in the end, if you take anything away from it, it’s . . . . we still don’t know what we are doing. The “Question of the Week” was answered by Lexi Jordan and Krista Angelucci. Make sure you subscribe on the digital platform of your choice, so as to not miss out on an episode – and leave a comment or review to let us hear from you!

Links from this episode:

Gabrielle Grace
Sam Riddle
Regarding Harry
Journey Pure
Lexi Jordan
Taylor Swift
Krista Angelucci
Phil Vassar
Peter Gabriel/Lay Your Hands On Me
Alice Cooper
Bursting Out /Jethro Tull